Join “The Echo”

Editorial Staff:

  • Editorial Staff positions will be selected and/or renewed in the Fall semester or on a rolling basis. The selection process includes an application and interview. Editors wishing to renew their position for the following year must re-apply.

Available positions:

  • Copy Editor
  • Layout/Design Assistant
  • Student Life Editor
  • Sports Editor
  • Greeks and Groups Editor
  • People Editor
  • Head of PR
  • Senior Ads

General Staff:

The General Staff is made up of all those non-editor staff who help significantly with the actual production of the yearbook. Individuals may be involved in layout, editing, photography, and even secretarial duties. There is no application/interview for general staffers. Simply contact us, and we can discuss your participation and figure out your best fit with the needs of The Colonial Echo.

Important Documents: 


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